My Story

My passion for fitness has always been a strong one

Growing up an athlete I knew that somehow I always wanted to incorporate fitness into my life.

I Followed My Dream

Now I want to help you reach yours

I played sports in high school, and went on into college to play volleyball. Once my time playing came to an end, I started getting into CrossFit and Olympic Lifting.

I absolutely loved it, until I was shattered with injuries and was forced out of it.

I felt lost, and hopeless. That’s when my passion for the weight room and bodybuilding was found.

Even through my darkest time, I was able to find light and power again through the gym. I decided to go through my first NPC Bikini Prep, and my fire to help others was so bright.

I know so many people want to make a change in their lives but simply don't know how to

that's what I am here for!

I am now continuously growing my brand &

spreading my love for not just fitness, but for Christ

I have dedicated four years of college to attain a Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science and learning specifically how to program and help others with fitness/exercise/ and overall wellness. 

I am also a certified ACSM personal trainer.

I excel at helping others achieve their goals, and realize what they want to do. I offer services from personalized programming, all the way to monthly macro coaching. I am so proud of where I have come personally and want to help others down the same path!


there's never a better time than now

TIMELESS2.0 was created for anyone looking to get into the gym, or looking to break past a plateau. On top of purely, for anyone looking to create their best self.




Do you have questions about me!? Feel free to ask!