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If you think counting macros looks like a game of Tetris….

This is the GUIDE for you

After months of anticipation, DBFT’s Full Nutritional Guide is Finally Here! ⁣

It can be pretty overwhelming for anyone that’s learning a new approach to living a healthy and fit lifestyle but macros essentially educate you on the value of food.⁣

You want to build muscle.⁣

You want to trim down.⁣

But how do you go about it?⁣

Coach Emily and Coach Des have worked tirelessly to compile the answers in a comprehensive, EASY TO DIGEST (get it? 😉 GUIDE that will help supercharge your results

** especially if you’re doing our #6weeks2strength challenge 

This is our BIGGEST nutritional guide to date, with 85+ pages of everything you need as your ONE STOP SHOP to levelling up in your health education and journey.

Inside the guide, we’re going to cover;

– What is MyFitnessPal

– What is a macro (each explained)

– What is a micronutrient (each explained)

– Getting your MFP set up to track

– How to read a label and how to track it

– How to calculate your macros (basic equations to get you started based on goals)

– How to adjust your macros in MyFitnessPal

– How to “track out to eat”

– How to adjust your macros based on goals (maintain, cut, bulk)

– Volume food hacks for cutting

– Tracking exercises into macros

– Meal timing and daily approach to splitting your macros based on when you can train

– ALL supplement protocol, what they do

– 9 sample meal plans (deficit, maintenance, surplus, to be adjusted to your macros), with three vegan friendly options

– 13+ fast food restaurants with my favourite go to’s for food with macros included

– 20 macro friendly recipes

– 5 power smoothie recipes for on the go


And the best part?

We’re launching this guide at the SAME time as our #6weeks2strength challenge AND our new APP!

If you’re game;

(which I know you are, because you’re reading this)

Then hit the BUY NOW button, and receive it for the special price of


That’s less than going out for dinners and cocktails TWICE this month (which we’re not doing in July), so this is literally going straight back in your pocket!!