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TIMELESS was created for anyone looking to get into the gym, or looking to break past a plateau.

On top of purely, for anyone looking to create their best self.

Timeless is a guide that from front to back is visually aesthetic, and has the tools you need to succeed.

Starting from the front you are invited into our DBFTFitGuide exclusive Facebook community (all you need is your order number!). This is a safe place to ask questions, share progress, and connect with like-minded individuals.

You will then learn a little bit about me, why I created this guide, and what to expect.

This is a 6-week plan with a 4 day/week workout split with an optional 5th day focusing on total body toning and fat loss!

I made this split 4 days because I know how many of us work and sometimes 3-4 days a week making it to the gym is all we can do! This will be a time efficient workout tostill get you on track to reach your goals.

You will learn about attaining YOUR “balance “with nutrition, fat burners, how to go out to eat and still stay on track, vitamins, supplements, macro counting, intuitive eating, low calorie snacks and food hacks, how to add cardio, and more!

The 6-week, 4 day/week workout plan includes:

glutes and hamstrings

biceps and shoulders,

back and quads,

chest and triceps,

with the optional plyometric and ab dayfor those of you looking for MORE.

There is also a list of dynamic warmups you can add in before each specific muscle group focused lift.

After a full 3 weeks you will get started on a

NEW workout split!

Same day sequence, but NEW moves!

This gives you the ability to switch it up, learn more things in the gym AND continued to be pushed.

With all of this, plus a community to affirm yourself, and connect, this will SNOWBALL you into a whole new lifestyle

Sometimes we all just need that extra push and I know I got what you need.

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